"I really like the yarn, it knits really well and it is a pleasure to work with nice wool."                             - Joe-

"Your yarn arrived today. It's beautiful!                                                                             - Pamela R-




Our 100% Merino wool yarn comes in the natural shades of the sheep.  White/cream, is the  typical color of the animal.  The dark brown and "grey" shades are from a recessive gene and are uncommon.  We have worked hard to increase the numbers of these animals in our flock, because the colors are beautiful.  We also wanted to have color without chemical dyes. 

 Cones yarns are great if, as a knitter you have a penchant for speed and don't want to have to deal with ends. The cones range from 800 to 950 yards depending on color.  They would also do well for weaving as weft. It would probably be a might too thick for machine knitting. Cones have a spinning oil on the surface of the yarn. When you have completed your project, wash it in a gentle soap and the fibers will "bloom" or fluff up to the correct size. It would be wise to do a sample before beginning your project to see just how it may affect your outcome.

Skeins: most are worsted weight, 4 ounces, 116 grams, approximately       220 yds , 9 wpi, gauge on US 7-9 needles, 4 inches =16 stitches/26 rows


To produce an excellent wool yarn, you need: 1) healthy, quality animals,  2) good nutrition and preventative care and 3) covererd fleeces.  Your choice should not be how cheaply the item can be purchased, but between good and best.

Take a look at our image gallery to view some of the items we currently have available now for purchase.

      Cream (1/2merino)             150 yds - $10    

                       Fawn                                       150 yds - $10               

        Cocoa & Espresso            220 yds - $15

                      White                        220 yds  - $10

         Oatmeal Laceweight              525 yds  - $18    3ply  

             Oatmeal Bulky               160 yds - $15   3 ply

                   Espresso                     200 yds - $10

                Cocoa                        200 yds - $10


                   White  1lb                                  850+ yds - $44                                                  

SOLD   Cocoa 1 lb                 800+ yds -$44

              Espressso 1 lb                800+ yds - $44

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