" I just received the beautiful Merino wool.   The color is exquisite."


TOP is the highest quality fiber that can be produced from fine wool for handspinning.    It is wool that goes one step beyond what is required for roving*.  To produce top, a raw fleece must not only be scoured, picked and carded but also combed. The combing step  utilizes sharp metal "spikes"  and places the fibers in a parallel arrangement. It also removes any remaining vegetable matter and/or shorter fibers. This can reduce the yield by up to 60%, but for Merino the results are well worth it. It allows one to spin faster and finer. Top produces a worsted yarn that is smooth, sleek and more compact, so is less likely to pill. An Aran sweater with cables and bobbles, or other detailed stitches would be an appropriate choice for this type of yarn.

*roving - fibers are going all different directions. More air is incorporated into the yarn resulting in a loftier yarn.

Take a look at our image gallery to view some of our naturally colored items we currently have available for purchase.  All our products, including top are professionally processed.

Heather - $2.50/oz

Dark Chocolate &  Alpaca -        $3.00/oz

Oatmeal - $3.00/oz

Espresso -$2.75/oz

White - $2.75/oz

Dark Chocolate  - $2.75/oz


Gold Ochre - $2.50/oz

Aztec Gold - $2.50/oz


An easy method to spin top:

Take about a yard long piece of fiber and divide it into 2 lengthwise strips.  Predraft each strip, by placing your hands about 4 to 5 inches apart and gently pull the fibers so they slip abit.  Continue this motion down the length of the strip.  When you are ready to spin, use a short draw.


See something of interest?  Contact us directly: fleecwood@gmail. com  (paypal) or at Etsy as marvelousmerino or Local Harvest as Fleecewood Farm.

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