Just a word about micron count.  We do not test every year, for the count changes with age (becomes larger) and it varies with how things have gone throughout the year, ie. feed and stress.  Rams and colored sheep tend to have higher counts, yearlings the lowest.  Two years ago our average range was 19-21 microns. The priority for our flock has been the natural colors of the sheep. 


Lock lengths vary between fleeces and can range from 2 to 3 1/2 inches.  Fleece weights generally range from 5 to 8 pounds.


Feel free to contact us for more information.   We have been a trusted seller of wool on Ebay since 1998, are on Etsy (Marvelous Merino) and Local Harvest (Fleecewood Farm).  Paypal available. 

In the past, our fleeces,  have won 1st and 2nd place for fine wools at the Minnesota Shepherd's Harvest Festival .  We have also won the Championship ribbon in  the Wool division at the Minnesota State Fair.


We  have uncovered fleeces for $6 to $8 per pound in various shades. Covered prices range from $10 to $17 per pound.






Take a look at our image gallery on the next several pages to view some of the items we currently have available now for purchase.

"I took your fleeces to my wool mill and even the owners of the mill were oohing and aahing over your fleeces; especially over the espresso colored fleece and the two toned grey and brown fleece. Needless to say I will be placing an order.                         



" I bought 5 pounds, 3 iinches uncovered white merino wool from Fleecewood Farm.  I also bought raw merino from another seller selling theirs as an award winning fleece and after examining it, I believe it was.  It was beautiful.  Just for fun, I compared the two and found that the merino from Fleecewood Farm was a much nicer quality.  Also even though it was uncovered it was very clean.  I'm very happy with my purchase and will buy again from Fleecewood Farm very soon.            

-                                  -Melissa--

"You have the best merino fiber in the the whole world!! I just started to process your raw fleece, the espresso and grey.  Oh, my goodness, they are so fine and beautiful !!! I can't take my hands off,  feels so great!  The colors -Gorgeous!! From one grey fleece I have three shades of natural colored greys: platinum, silver and rich medium grey!  The espresso, incredibly soft and deep browns!  Thank you so much! I am going to recommend your name to all fiber lovers."                                                   -                                    --Larissa--



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