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On our small hobby farm in Minnesota's heartland,  we raise MERINO SHEEP in natures own luscious colors.  Shades range  from creamy white to a deep espresso. We strive to produce this luxurious fiber to meet the needs of today's society for quality, color selection and product variety.


We offer fleece for the fiber enthusiast, top for the discriminating felter or handspinner and woolen yarns in cones or skeins for those who knit, crochet or perhaps weave.


Merino wool, has been treasured for centuries by both royalty and those individuals rich enought to afford it.  It is a versatile fiber known for its softness, fine texture, durability and strength. (think of men's fine merino suits)  Soft enough to caress a baby without irritating the skin, yet strong enough to be felted into a flexible fabric or hold a colorful dye.  It continues to meet multitude needs in our day and time.








me-ri-no-  1.  a breed of fine wooled sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy
fleece of exceptional quality.


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