Recent comment on fleeces:                                                                                                                           "You have the best merino fiber in the the whole world!! I just started to process you raw fleece, the espresso and grey.  Oh, my goodness, they are so fine and beautiful !!! I can't take my hands off, feels so great!  The colors -Gorgeous!! from one grey fleece I have three shades of natural colored greys: platinum, silver and rich medium grey!  The espresso, incredibly soft and deep browns!  Thank you so much! I am going to recommend your name to all fiber lovers."   ------Larissa

I bought 5 pounds, 3 inches uncovered white merino wool from Fleecewood Farm. I also bought raw merino from another seller selling theirs as an award winning fleece and after examining it,  I believe it was.  It was beautiful.  Just for fun, I compared the two and found that the merino from Fleecewood Farm was a much nicer quality.  Also, even though it was uncovered it was very clean. I'm very happy with my purchase and will buy again from Fleecewood Farm very soon.     ---- Melissa